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Fast Growing Trees
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Hybrid Poplar


Hybrid Poplar
Weeping Willow
Silver Maple
Theves / Lombardy Poplar


Tulip Poplar

Douglas Fir
Canadian Hemlock
Dawn Redwood


Black Walnut

Colorado Blue Spruce
Scotch or Scots Pine

Fast Growing Hedging Plants
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Hybrid Poplar
Siberian Elm

Canadian Hemlock
- tall one of the fastest

- not so quick or so tall, more elegant

Douglas Fir
- good for wind break or background

Welcome to English Gardening

What is an English Garden like and how does it differ from  an American Garden? The English Garden is more of an "Outdoor room" an extension of the house that should be just as attractive and comfortable as a room in the house. It is seen less as somewhere to "produce" things - food, flowers for cutting, but more as an outdoor living space. As you delve deeper you will discover information and advice on how to achieve this effect. There are also some rather esoteric corners to maintain the English reputation for eccentricity.

Spring - Plum blossom in my back garden. This is a Victoria Plum and is always one of the earliest trees / shrubs to flower in the spring and looks magical against all the bare twigs at the time. It also worries me in case there's a frost which kills the flowers, it makes the difference between 6 plums or 60lbs of plums.

Summer - White Lilies - An absolute summer favourite and must-have. What's the point of having a garden, or even just a window box, if you don't take the opportunity to grow pure white wonderfully scented blooms that are often up to 6 inches or more across? Plant them somewhere near the house so you can easily see and smell them whenever you walk past.

Fall - Iris foetidissima ripe seed pods. "
Stinking Gladwyn" is the other name by which this iris goes. The flowers are fairly small and insignificant, but it is later in the season that this plant excels, when the large seed pods split open to reveal these jewel-like contents. It's also one of the few plants that actually does pretty well in dry shade.

- Teasel seed heads against a winter sunset.
St.Ives (Cambridgeshire) church spire can be just made out at the bottom right. Many plants produce seed heads that if left, can add interest and structure to the garden in winter, they look particularly good with frost on them.
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